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[ Heavenly Letters ]

See this amazingly cool layout your looking at? Yeah well Mercedes aka Chanty made it with a lil' tweeking by yours truely! So here's how it goes - PAWS OFF! But I'm aware some people can't help them selves and just have the urge to steal so if your one of them and you have the urge to steal this layout, please credit her. Or if you want her to make you one just contact her at - Oh and all these words on this pretty little page were typed and thought of by me and me only. So don't steal! The concept is copywrited via "poor man's copywright" so the idea is mine too fyi.

*What We Are*
Heavenly Letters is a website devoted to helping you give a loved one a very unique gift they've never envisioned before. Our speciality is in the babyshower area, but we can format a letter to go with any special occasion.
Be it birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, or just because - Heavenly Letters can create the letter with meaning and heart behind it that will cause someone you love to get a gift that will forever be inscripted in their memories to cherish for lifetimes to come.